Vote rewards

Receive item rewards and support our server at the same time by voting! It’s really that simple:

Vote on
  1. Go here: and click “Vote” right below the RustyRock logo.
  2. Proceed with logging with Steam account to confirm the vote.
  3. In-game, typy /claim in chat to receive your reward!

You can vote once every 24hrs.
The more you vote, the better the rewards.

Rewards list

You can always check the most current rewards in-game by using the /rewardlist chat command.

Vote count resets each wipe.

First vote
500 Low Grade Fuel

Second vote
1 Custom SMG

Third vote
10 Satchel Charge

Fourth vote
20.000 Sulfur

Fifth vote
1.000 Scrap

Sixth vote
1.000 High Quality Metal

Seventh vote
100.000 Charcoal

Eight vote
1 Assault Rifle

Ninth vote
5.000 Scrap

Tenth vote
LR-300 Assault Rifle

Eleventh vote
3 Supply Signal