4th server wipe rescheduled

Even though RUST update is coming later in the evening, we will not wipe today.

There are still a lot of things to get ready and we pretty much don’t want to rush it. As the server is quite heavily modded, we want to take some more time to finish things up and test everything to be sure that all runs smoothly.

We should wipe in the evening, tomorrow. It’s going to be a full map + BP wipe. ZLevels will not reset.

Stay tuned!

Update 2018-04-07@02:39AM

Considering that there are still things that we want to get done before relaunching the server after upgrade, we’re rescheduling the wipe to “when it’s ready”. Even though that may sound very vague, we’d rather define the date like that rather than miss another self-proclaimed deadline while still being under pressure to deliver what we have planned.

Sorry for any inconvenience and stay tuned for more info.
Hopefully we’ll relaunch before the end of the weekend. (lol)