Server details

👉 Name: [PL/EU] RustyRock X5
⌨ URL:
📍 Location: Europe, Germany
⚙ Server type: Modded, PvP
🗺 Map type: Procedural

RustyRock is a community-focused, modded x5 with ZLevel plugin RUST server.

What started as a hobby, soon evolved into something more: a vision to create a regularly managed, high quality game server with custom content and active community. A place with no admin abuse, toxicity or cheaters.

Installed gameplay related mods

  • ArenaDeathmatch – Standard deathmatch, first player to reach the kill limit wins!
  • AutoDoors – Automatically closes doors behind players after X seconds
  • AutomaticAuthorization – add all your clan mates or friends from your friend list to any tool cupboard or auto turret authorization list with a single chat command.
  • BGrade – This plugin can automatically upgrade building blocks upon placement. Allowing players to upgrade their building blocks with ease, preventing the needed use of the Hammer.
  • BetterChat – used for showing player ranks in chat.
  • Bounty – llows players to place bounties on other players using in-game items, RP, or Economics; with optional Friends API and Clans integration to stop claim abuse.
  • ClansGroupLimits – clan management + limit clans to max. 4 players.
  • DiscordMessages – allow to contact admins/report players from within the game
  • EnhancedHammer – lets you upgrade structures without the need to open the hammer upgrade menu more than once.
  • FriendlyFire – toggle friendly fire on/off for Friends API.
  • Friends – allows you to add other players as your friends and see them on map.
  • FurnaceSplitter – lets you quickly split items placed in furnaces into equal stacks.
  • GatherManager – gather rates x5
  • GunGame – The rules of GunGame are simple. Each kill you get will advance you 1 rank, each rank comes with a new weapon. The weapons get harder to kill with the higher you go. The first person to get a kill on rank 15 (default) wins. Kills with a machete will lower the victim’s rank. Reward points are issued to the winner.
  • HeliControl – manages CH47 & helicopter parameters. We made it more of a pain in the ass but with better rewards: health 10000 -> 25000; main rotor health 750 -> 1000; tail rotor health 375 -> 500; max crates to drop 4 -> 6; helicopter speed 25 -> 28; maximum helicopter life time 15 -> 20; helicopter bullet damage 25 -> 30.
  • HitIcon – UI icon and text of damage amount when you hit player.
  • InfoPanel – provides an in-game panel with basic info (players/sleepers/compass/active airdrop/heli).
  • InstantCraft – instant crafting for everyone.
  • MasterLock – gives players the ability to control all code locks in their base from the tool cupboard.
  • NTeleportation – Multiple teleportation systems for players.
  • Kits – provides very minimalistic kit on spawn and three redeemable kits.
  • MagicLoot – components in containers are now x5, scrap is x6.
  • NightLantern – disables low-grade fuel requirements for light sources, automatically turns lights on at night and off at dusk.
  • NoEscape – blocks teleportation/remover tool during combat/raids..
  • PlayerChallenges – display player titles in chat, eg. title for best woodchopper. Also, leaderboards for top 10s in each defined category.
  • PlayerRanks – player ranks and stats database.
  • PrivateMessage – allows you to send private messages to other players in-game.
  • QuickSmelt – smelting speed x4, charcoal:wood 1:1
  • RemoverTool – free removal of own structures in an cupboard-authorized base
  • ServerInfo – an in-game panel with useful information/help.
  • SharedDoors – allows you to quickly share doors/chests access to your clan members.
  • SignArtist – allows you to paste images from URLs on any paintable in-game object.
  • SkipNightUI – you can skip night time by voting. All night-fearing pussies need to have 60% of total votes to make it a day again.
  • StackSizeController – in general, everything stacks x10 of vanilla settings.
  • SuicideModifier – you can kill yourself once every 5 minutes.
  • TeamDeathmatch – Use teamwork to kill as many enemy players as possible and secure a victory for your team. The winning team will be issued with reward points
  • TimeOfDay – alters day and night duration: day is now 45 real-time minutes, night is 10.
  • Trade – allows players to trade items safely at a distance, like a total socially awkward pussies.
  • TsunHorse – you can catch & ride horses. They are invulnerable while ridden (rider can be killed normally).