Devblog 198 + #3 full server wipe

A month has passed. Yesterday we wrote about the recent RUST update, in a separate post – so today, let’s focus on what have changed on RustyRock.

Server rules

New server rules came to life yesterday, with the beginning of March. We encourage everyone to check them out ( and remind all our players that playing on our server means accepting them in full.

Forced wipe

This month, wipe and server start after RUST update was delayed by a day – we encountered some technical issues during server restart, related to its Linux software. Thanks to that, our wednesday night was spent on looking for the cause – that in the end was found and resolved at around 3AM.

Server started up at around 6:45PM today. Along with the wipe, we’ve changed the map for a new, larger one (4000 -> 4500). We also reset ZLevels that we now plan to clear every once in a while. We’re not sure yet if it’s going to be every one, two or three months – time will tell.

Along with the update, we enabled new feature that came with the latest RUST patch: scientists now spawn near two types of junkpiles, on RustyRock with a 20% chance. Scientists in general definitely work better than a month ago. Then enchance the gameplay, even though they have a tendency to shoot wildlife like crazy. We’ll see if there’s anything we can do about it.

Starting from now on, we introduce the rule of two wipes per month. The first wipe will take place on the first Wednesday of the month, along with the RUST update and it’s always going to be a full wipe – so reset/change of map and reset of all blueprints. Another wipe will take place after 1 or 2 weeks, depending on whether there are 4 or 5 weeks between RUST updates. This one we plan to make as soft wipe, so map reset only. That way we’ll be able to setup everything in peace (custom monuments, starting vilage, etc.) and introduce all at once.

Mod changes

  • [NEW] SignArtist – enabled for everyone, with a file size limit of 0.5MB.¬†To use it, look at a paintable sign and type¬†/sil <image_url>.
  • [EXTENDED] LustyMap¬†– we got kind of sick of waiting for its update on Oxide site so we decided to make some changes ourselves. As for now, we fixed how monuments are displayed, we updated their images, enabled display of caves and added (as for now, disabled) display of water wells. Apart from that, we also extended refresh time from 1 to 2 seconds – hopefully, it’ll help with memory leaks problems.
  • [CHANGED] NightLantern¬†– from now on, light will properly light themselves at noon and turn off at dusk. They were lightning up too late before and light for insufficient amount of time.
  • [CHANGED] Kits – we removed all kits except for Bow & Starter kit. We also modified starting equipment so it feels more primeval.
  • [CHANGED] SpawnControl – we reduced ore spawns by 50%, so now it’s x1.5 of vanilla settings, not x2.
  • [CHANGED] StackSizeController – we redefined all stacking limits from scratch, reducing everything drastically compared to previous setup. In general new limits are defined as follows (with some exceptions):
    • ammunition – like on vanilla,
    • weapon mods – 10 pcs. / stack,
    • grenades, bandages, syringes, etc. – mostly 10 pcs. / stack.
    • components, most of the construction elements like sandbags, etc. – 25 pcs. / stack,
    • food – 50 pcs. / stack,
    • building materials and some core materials – 5000 pcs. / stack, in general x5 of vanilla settings,
    • Low Grade Fuel/Crude Oil – 2500 pcs. / stack.
  • [CHANGED] QuickSmelt – we restored vanilla smelting time for everything except for charcoal – smelting it generates x2 of what’s on vanilla, not x3 like it wa before.
  • [CHANGED] RemoverTool – enabled support for clans. From now on, members of the same clan that are also register on the cupboard can remove each other’s structures.
  • [CHANGED] RideableHorses – enabled horse invulnerability during riding. Before, horses tend to kill them selves while runing over rocks. Whether horses should ever run on rocks is a different question.
  • [REMOVED] FriendlyFire – it made living in a clan too easy. We encourage you to think what you’re shooting.
  • [REMOVED] GatherManager –¬† until now, it only affected mining querries – they now mine resources at the same speed and in the same amount as on vanilla.
  • [REMOVED] MagicLoot – scrap amount is now the same as on vanilla.

Further plans

Soft wipe will take place on Friday, 16th of March. We’ll try to add starter village along with it.

Full wipe is scheduled for 5th of April.

We invite you to join our Discord – there are over 38 of us now and we’re still growing¬†.¬†? The more of us, the better the community is.

Stay tuned – and as always, enjoy the game!

Upcoming RUST update (#198) and server wipe

Rustafied recently published a post with information about today’s RUST update. The upcoming changes, summarized:

  • chainsaw,
  • scientists spawning across the whole map,
  • uncraftable weapon: SPAS-12 shotgun,
  • incendiary ammo for shotguns,
  • new wood type? New trees for sure.
  • better terrain generation around monuments – they should no longer spawn in circles,
  • griefing protection – when a cupboard is destroyed, all of its content will be instantly used to cover the cost of base upkeep for the next 24 hours (could be modified by convar), what’s not used should be (probably) dropped for looting,
  • cheaper repairs cost (50% -> 20%),
  • higher nailgun firing rate,
  • several smaller fixes.

At the same time, we remind you about forced wipe planned for today. The map will change, the blueprints will wipe and ZLevels will reset. We also plan to update configuration of some of our plugins – more info after the wipe. The time of wipe is, as always, unknown – probably around 10PM CET.

We also remind you that from now on, server Terms and Conditions come to life – check them on

Join us on [EU] RustyRock! ?

RustyRock server rules are here!

We’ve created Terms and Conditions¬†of our RustyRock server – you will find it in main menu under “Server Rules” or here, directly at¬†

Terms and Conditions will be live in this form starting from 1.03.2018.

As a side note, we kindly remind you about Thursday’s full-wipe, which will wipe the map, BPs and – this time only – ZLevels!

Devblog 197 + full server wipe

The new game update was issued along with RUST leaving Early Access. As a result, there’s been a forced map and blueprints wipe. Using the opportunity, we’ve made a few changes to the server – we invite you to familiarize yourself with the details!

Forced wipe

We’ve made a full server wipe, and along with it, the map seed was changed. Blueprints has been cleared.

Due to recent configuration changes to the ZLevelsRemastered plugin, all players’ levels have been reduced by 50%. Originally, we planned to reduce them by 1/3, but technically it was not an easy thing to do (the plugin allows reduction by division, not allowing division by values ‚Äč‚Äčcontaining fractions). We hope this will make the gameplay more balanced and, at the same time, leave players who have worked hard on their skills over the last two weeks, in the expected better position than the newcomers.

Starting from today, we are switching to the monthly¬†full-wipe cycle. Depending on the server population and players’ interest, we allow the possible soft wipes after 2 weeks (just a reset of map), however, we plan other attractions that should be an interesting solution. We’ll keep you updated!

Changes to mods

  • [FIXED] NoEscape – we fixed the NoEscape plugin that has been malfunctioning recently. After updating it to the newest version, its config file changed¬† completely and so the plugin required a manual permissions setup – a thing we missed. We apologize for the possible confusion caused by it. From now on, the plugin correctly blocks eg. TPs during raids/combat.
  • [CHANGED] RemoverTool (permissions) – changed and, in fact, fixed. It turned out that after the last update of the plugin, it stopped working properly – it was allowing players to remove what they built even with active building block. Fortunately, the author of the plugin quickly issued a patch that solved the problem. Currently, the plugin works as follows:
    • if there is no Cupboard, the base’s entities can be removed by the one who placed them,
    • if there is a Cupboard, the base’s entities can be removed by whoever put them and who is, at the same time, authorized in this particular Cupboard.
  • [CHANGED] RemoverTool (cost of removing walls) – we introduced the cost of removing stone, metal and HQM construction elements of the bases. From now on, it is set to 500% of their construction value and does not return materials. This change should effectively hinder the acts of completely enclosing players and loot rooms with walls before going offline.
  • [CHANGED] MagicLoot – we’ve reduced the scrap multiplier of containers from x2 to x1.5. The decision results from the fact that the latest RUST update pumped up the amount of scrap in barrels from 1 to 2 pieces. In practice, this means that before the update, on our server, you were geting 2 pieces of scrap per barrel, and after the update and mod config change you will get 3 pieces. In other containers, the amount of scrap will be increased by 50%, not 100%. We hope this change wil help maintain a balanced gameplay.
  • [CHANGED] SpawnControl – the new RUST update introduced even more trees than there were originally set on our server. We have increased these values ‚Äč‚Äčby an additional 50%, thanks to which we still maintain a larger number of forests and green areas compared to the vanilla settings. It does not seem to have any impact on performance of the game whatsoever – which is nice.

Enjoy the game!

New update also intoduced visual changes to the game – it now looks better than ever. ? Below are some screenshots from our server:

We invite you to play: and to join our Discord.

And as usual, any comments and suggestions are always welcome! ?

Server update # 4

We present to you a summary of many changes that we introduced to the server over the last 3 days. And there were a lot of them, a lot.

Changes to mods

  • [NEW] SharedDoors – a plugin that automatically enables shared access to doors and chests in a base (no need to enter codelocks) for all people belonging to a given clan, who are also authorized in the Tool Cupboard of that base.
  • [NEW] SuicideModifier – a plugin that sets a time limit between uses of the kill command – it prevents serial suicides ? From now on, you can kill yourself once every 5 minutes.
  • [NEW] Rideable Horses – from now on, you can – yeah, you guessed it right –¬†ride a horse. All you need to do is to find a horse, approach it and get on it using the “E” key. From that moment, the horse is yours, which also means that it should no longer run away from you when you get off it. Additionally, once every 30 seconds you can use the /stophorse command, which stops all horses within a radius of 10 meters from you. Horses can be killed normally while being ridden.
  • [NEW] EnhancedHammer – a simple plugin that allows you to upgrade base structures quicker by selecting deserved upgrade tier from hammer options menu, and then simply smashing the structures with said hammer, without having to open the menu again. The hammer returns to normal mode after 10 seconds of not hitting anything.
  • [CHANGED] Kits – Kit with a crossbow has been replaced by a bow. Kit with a supply drop was removed entirely – it presented a huge advantage to clans at the very beginning of the game.
  • [CHANGED] Clans – we have reduced the limit of people in a single clan from 6 to 4. As the server gains in popularity and more people start to play on it regularly, we will restore the previous limit or introduce a higher one, depending on the needs.
  • [CHANGED] ZLevelsRemastered – we’ve reduced the maximum level of attributes from 200 to 60. The per-level harvest bonus was reduced from +20% to +5%. We’ve reduced the speed of levelling by 1/3. Therefore, by reaching the maximum level (i.e. 60), you get + 295% harvest bonus on each hit. This change should definitely balance the game, assuming we stick to monthly server wipes.
  • [DELETED] LoadingMessages – we’ve removed messages that were showing up when the game was loading/connecting to the server (instead of “connecting / loading”). They were more annoying¬†than helpful.

Also, all plugins have been updated to their latest versions.

Changing the distribution of resources on the map

We’ve made a thorough change to the amount of available resources, i.e. we have increased all of them to various degrees. The individual resources have been changed as follows:

Natural resources:

  • Mushrooms, hemps, stones + 50%
  • Forests + 50% more trees
  • Logs + 100%
  • Palm trees + 100%
  • Corn + 100%
  • Ore nodes (stone, sulfur, metal) + 100%


  • Bears + 50%
  • Boars + 50%
  • Chickens + 100%
  • Horses + 200%
  • Wolves + 100%
  • Stags + 400%

    Discord -added option to register a clan

    Are you running a clan? Do you want to highlight it on our Discord and gain additional privileges?

  • Any person running a clan on RustyRock can apply to the administration to register said clan on Discord.
  • The administration registers and updates clans on Discord it its spare time.
  • Every Clan registered on our Discord gets a private text and voice channel, as well as a special role in the form of Clan [Name of the clan]¬†label. Clan members will also be displayed separately on the players list.
  • Change in Clans, i.e. change of clan’s name, addition/removal of members, etc. due to Discord’s limitations can be done only by the administration.

How to register a clan:

  • Send a message to @NoviQ, providing the name of the clan and nicknames of all of its members.
  • Wait patiently. Nagging the admin can have the opposite effect. If you don’t receive feedback from me within 48 hours – send me a reminder.
  • Important: The person registering the clan will automatically be marked as its owner and only he will be able to¬†later update it or transfer the rights to manage it to another user.

    Further plans and upcoming wipe

  • Update of InfoPanel and ServerInfo plugins
  • New server Terms and Conditions
  • Adding FAQ and help to the website
  • Beginning work on custom monuments

The next wipe is planned with the upcoming update from FacePunch, i.e. next Thursday, 8/02/2018. It’s goint to be a full wipe, so a new map and blueprints reset. ZLevels will be reduced by 1/3 to accommodate changes in plugin configuration. Starting from this wipe, we are switching to a monthly wipe cycle. We consider bi-weekly cycle as optional, depending on players’ feedback.

Have a nice game!

Devblog 196 + full server wipe

A new RUST update came out, and along with it – forced wipe. In a week, RUST comes out of Early Access and therefore – surprise surprise – another forced wipe (this time full) has been announced.

Wipe and server upgrade

We’ve just restarted the server after the update: a map and blueprint wipe took place. ZLevels has been saved – we do not plan to reset them, ever.

Changes in mods

  • [DELETED] NoDecay – we return to the original base upkeep system that requires filling the cupboard with materials. Depending on how it’ll work out, we may modify the maintenance cost a bit.
  • [DELETED] AutoPurge – we test how the server deals with clearing itself¬† of antique bases using the original algorithm.

We invite you to In case anything went wrong with the update, we have secured a full backup of the old versions of files Рso report if anything seems missing.

Enjoy the game! ?

Server update # 3

Today, the most important part of this update is the addition of server synchronization with Discord. There are also configuration changes to the LustyMap and NTeleportation mods.

Changes in mods:

  • [CHANGED] LustyMap – helicopter and tank live markers were turned off – they were making things too easy.
  • [CHANGED] NTeleportation – reduction of the daily limit from 30 to 5 teleports to home and from 30 to 5 teleports to players, reduction of countdown from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • [NEW] DiscordMessages – added synchronization and server communication with our Discord.

Synchronization with Discord

We’ve added a mod synchronizing our RUST server with our Discord. What it means:

  • On our Discord there is now a live chat stream from the server (#server-chat) – you can check what players talk about on the server.
  • Discord got a new #server-bans channel on which you can see when any user gets banned and for what.
  • Players can now report other players with the /report Player Reasoncommand, e.g. /report NoviQ Because he's a bad admin. Such report is immediately displayed on our private administration channel on Discord, so we’re able to quickly check each case.
  • Players can now send messages from the server to the administration with /message Message command, e.g. /message Server lags like crazy, help. Such message gets displayed on our private administration channel at Discord, making it easier for you to report any problems / suggestions / other topics that fits in a single sentence.

That’s it for today. All signs in the sky indicate that tomorrow (Thursday) we’ll have forced wipe, along with the latest patch from Facepunch.

Server update # 2

Changes in mods:

  • [NEW] FurnaceSplitter – mod automatically splitting items added to the furnace
  • [DELETED] SimpleLoot – the plugin did not work properly
  • [NEW] MagicLoot – replaced SimpleLoot, restored the scrap multiplier to x2
  • [CHANGED] Kits – we updated available kits (/kit¬†command):
      • After Wipe Kit – reduced. It now contains of 4K wood, 4K stone, 5 black berries, 250 pieces of metal (enough for 1 door and code lock), 1 codelock, 1 wooden door, 50 pieces of fuel (enough for 1 small stove), 1 fireplace, 1 sleeping bag, 1 construction plan, 1 hammer, 1 teddy bear)
      • Crossbow Kit – crossbow remained unchanged, you can get it once every 4 hours. The set contains a crossbow and 20 arrows.
      • Supply Kit – changed to one-time use.
      • Medical Kit – reduced. Now includes 2 syringes and 10 bandages. It can be used every 4 hours.
      • Protection Kit – modified. Now cointains of Wolf Headdress, Bone Armor and 20 bandages.
      • Starter kit (the one you get on respawn) – the set has been minimized. It now consists of shoes, burlap shirt, burlap trousers, 5 bandages, 3 roasted chickens, a wooden spear, a starting stone and a torch.

Starting town

We’ve built a starting town on the map with all the buildings, a wooden palisade and gates. For now, a zone has been set up over the town blocking access to it – as long as it remains under construction.

The town is meant to be a spawn point for new players. PvP will be completely disabled in its area, and the town itself will offer, among others, saloon, shops and places to get some quests – we are planning to introduce the Economy mod to the game.

We’ve added several NPCs to the town – as for now, they are unscripted and naked. ūüėČ Ultimately, they will act as merchants and quest providers.

Server update # 1

The first and second day are almost over, we’ve made changes to balance the game:

  • Removal of StartProtection – new players will no longer be protected from PvP for 60 minutes. The plugin worked badly and caused confusion among players who’s been with us longer. We are sure that newbies can handle it. ūüėČ
  • Turning off the Balance display – we plan to introduce the Economy mod to the server but not at this stage – so showing the credit balance is unnecessary.
  • Disabling SimpleLoot – the boxes loot multiplier was giving out too many items, especially scrap. Perhaps this was due to an incorrect configuration. For now, the plugin remains turned off.

Plans for the near future:

  • Disabling NoDecay – we plan to restore the original decay mechanism based on managing the tool cupboard storage. Perhaps we will reduce the cost of maintaining small bases so that solos have a better chance of surviving, because several clans have already been created on the server.
  • Reduction of teleportation – the current value (30) is definitely too big.
  • Adding furnace autosorter¬†– a useful thing for everyone without changing the balance of the game.
  • ZLevels configuration update – we will look through the players’ suggestions and maybe change the speed of leveling up.
  • Further optimization of existing plugins – so please contact us if you notice that something is wrong.By the way, the first ESP bans were fired, based on data from the RustAdmin database.Have fun everyone and as usual, we invite you to our Discord, where our community is constantly growing!