Upcoming 4th wipe info

April has been a tough month where we barely had any time to work on the RustyRock. Considering that the state of the server at the end of March was not satisfactory, we saw no point in relaunching it as-is.

Today we are happy to announce that work on the updated server is almost done. Here are some screenshots of what’s to come in terms of just custom monuments:

And of course there’s more – soon to be explained in details along with the wipe.

Because of the delay, several server changes and different approach to promotion, upcoming wipe will reset everything – map, blueprints and ZLevels.

Stay tuned!

RustyRock server rules are here!

We’ve created Terms and Conditions of our RustyRock server – you will find it in main menu under “Server Rules” or here, directly at http://rules.rustyrock.eu

Terms and Conditions will be live in this form starting from 1.03.2018.

As a side note, we kindly remind you about Thursday’s full-wipe, which will wipe the map, BPs and – this time only – ZLevels!

Let’s get it started!

After a period of stagnation caused by the holidays and the beginning of the New Year, we decided to officially start with the server. Below is a brief info about what we have to offer for now and what we plan to add in the future.

Today, the server has undergone a thorough update of the RUST client and all installed mods. Currently, on the server, from major modifications, the following is installed:

  • AutomaticAuthorization
  • AutoPurge
  • BlockStashPlacement
  • Clans
  • CustomLootSpawns
  • CustomSpawnPoints
  • DeathNotes
  • Friends
  • GatherManager
  • InfoPanel
  • Kits
  • LustyMap
  • NightLantern
  • NoDecay
  • NoEscape
  • NTeleportation
  • PrivateMessage
  • QuickSmelt
  • RemoverTool
  • SignArtist
  • StackSizeController
  • StartProtection
  • StorageCleaner
  • ZLevelsRemastered

The server has just started and the configuration of the mods is at the planning stage – everything can still change in the upcoming days / weeks.

Today we have reached a peak of 30 people playing at once, without any performance problems.

Over the next few months, we plan to add a lot of self-prepared content to the server, including starting town with a hotel for players, VIP package(s), a separate and fenced PvP zone in the middle of the map with specially prepared buildings and NPCs, and much more. Will we succeed – time will tell…

Meanwhile, join our server: rustyrock.eu:28015 and our Discord server.

Have fun!

Moving RustyRock to a dedicated server

We’ve decided to move the server from a cheap VPS option to dedicated hardware hosted in Germany.

Migration will definitely increase the server’s expandability with new mods and content, provide greater performance and stability, and in the future – will allow scaling it to handle more players.

Work on the server has started!

We have begun to work on the creation of a new RUST game server- RustyRock.eu. We want to create a modified server with its own unique atmosphere, containing a lot of self-prepared content – areas, objects, NPC.

We invite all willing players to participate in the development of the server, providing your ideas in comments section and on our Discord.